UFO Travelled 120 Miles in 8 SECONDS, Radar Operators Say


In its general sense, the Unidentified Flying Object is anything anomalous objects in the sky that are not readily identifiable to the naked eye of the humans. It can be seen while hovering, or immediately after that. Traditionally, UFOs were the subject of claims by government-related conspiracy theories or extraterrestrial life and had long been the subject in fiction. While the aliens were later identified, in most cases, identification is not feasible owing to the poor quality of evidence.

During Britain’s most famous close encounter, two radar operators show how an alien travelled 120 miles in EIGHT SECONDS. Since the incident at RAF Bentwaters took place, Jim Carey, and Ike Barker have given their first in-depth interviews. Guess what? It hailed as the best-documented case in the world. On December 26, a group of security police officers claimed to have seen a triangle-shaped spacecraft outside the base. Two nights later, Lt Col Charles Halt and other USAF personnel claimed to see bizarre flashing lights moving. They watched the moving lights in awe as the bright object fired a laser beam on the ground near their feet before it vanished.  Unfortunately, non-believers have debunked the claims as meteors, satellites, or the Orfordness lighthouse. However, as for The Secret Link Revealed, USAF air traffic controllers they tracked was natural. According to Ike Barker, it was not a radar target. It was travelling at high speed. The maneuverability with the object is different.

He added that the phenomenon was fast, and no jet can make an immediate turn. Despite the strange sighting, the radar experts did not report the happenings to their superiors due to their beliefs that it could destroy their careers. But still, they were among the 150 military witnesses who have claimed to have seen the extraterrestrial activity at nuclear weapons laboratories, storage depots, test areas, and missile sites since the 1940s. The testimony highlights how the UFOs were being struck at the base and that they were shining down in the nuclear storage.

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