Astronaut breaks 20-year silence: The Mystery Over UFO Tether Incident Of 1996


There’s a conclusive proof to solve the mystery in one of the most infamous UFO cases 20 years ago, according to a former NASA astronaut.

Tom Jones, who was on four space shuttle missions in a span of over 11 years, said that he could solve the mystery of UFO Tether Incident in 1996.

The story revolves around the mystery of a satellite, which was tethered to the space shuttle, breaking off. Astronauts on board later filmed it and apparently saw hundreds of UFOs swarmed it like organisms swimming in a sea.

Conspiracy theorists believe there are many NASA astronauts and personnel who have witnessed evidence of aliens and UFOs, but not all have blown the whistle.

Those who have come forward include the sixth astronaut to walk on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, who said he had proof of alien races that were in contact with the US government.

However, Mr Jones isn’t convinced of testimonies from whistleblowers, including Mitchell. Mr Jones said the explanation for mysterious sightings was simpler.

He stated that astronauts haven’t seen any proof of alien life. He suggested that these astronauts may have seen ice crystals, lightning flashes, drifting orbital debris, or streaking meteors in the dark atmosphere below.

When asked about the 1996 Tether Incident, which has received mass reports of Mr Jones’ crew seeing UFOs, he answered that those mysterious objects floating alongside the ship for the first couple of days of the flight were just ice crystals.

However, conspiracy theorists are still convinced that NASA astronauts are under threat of breach of national security oaths, and the penalty of death may be imposed should they reveal anything deemed classified, including the sightings of aliens and UFOs.

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  1. Ok, so there may well be a lot of ice crystals and small debris particles but if have you the time, concentrate on looking at one or two of the brighter, circular or oblong shaped things. Ice crystals do not flash regularly, nor do they change course (unless ofcourse they are blown by a solar wind), more than once! Some of the oblong shapes actually travel with pretty obvious bursts of speed, suggesting a pulse engine. Other objects seem to have squiggly tail vortexes. The sizes of some of these ‘Ice particles in relation to the tether means that 2-3 mile long circles of ice are floating about in space. No one has proof either way, but I’d be inclined to think that I am intelligent enough to distinguish between floating and propelled objects. Intriguing isn’t it?

    • i’m astounded you are not getting harassed on here with your replies. i too, said intelligent things like you do, and someone started to abuse my replies. so now i reply without my name.

  2. Well I suppose if we are to believe that the object recovered at Roswell, along with some little gray men, was a weather balloon, and that ufo shaped things traveling around our skies are cloud anomalies, then we can believe our super intelligent astronauts can’t tell the difference between a piece of ice and a UFO. Works for me

  3. that exact shape of ufo can be seen on google sky if one points to deep space. like a circle with a wedge cut out. ice crystals bull ……..

  4. There is NO UFO’s here People. I can’t say for sure what they are, but I can positively Say They Aren’t UFO’s…One night i took my large Video camera out front to Film some lights in the evening sky. I turned my Camera to a streetlamp to get a white balance fix. It was a long time ago and is pretty old now, but I still have it.. Anyway I
    was Startled to see, as I turned on the telephoto lens on the street light, It became the same image your seeing here, the round saucer shape with the black dot and “Notch at the edge of the saucer. Every street light on my street I used the telephoto lens on , turned into one of these images. They are called “Batman Saucers” sometimes. In one of the UFO videos I’ve seen of this Tether UFO, one of the narrators explains this Phenomenon. It has something to do with the image of the inside of the camera tube being exsposed by the telephoto lens.

    • May be, but how can they give different orientations of these notches at the same time ? There is only one optical device, which should produce identical artefacts !

      • How do you explain a particle or ice crystal 2-3 miles around pulsing and passing BEHIND the tether. If they were coming from the camera they would all be in front of the tether. Not behind and changing speeds!

    • Oh so thats why there all flashing and moving at different speeds. You should think first before you look like a totoal idiot.

  5. People, your not hearing what I’m saying. I have NO IDEA what these objects are. Ice Crystals? Maybe. All I’m saying is the “Shape of these objects is a False Image. These Round disk shapes, can be reproduced with the Older type video cameras and using the telephoto lens on a light source…If they are Ice Crystals and they are spinning or rotating , they would give an appearance of “Flashing…all things in motion, in a vacuum, move at their, (Not THERE !) Respected Speeds…I could send you the equation if you like. it doesn’t work on NEW DIGITAL cameras…Just the older ones… Please look at this site. This lady took a photo in a grave yard. She was capturing pictures of dust with her flash and telephoto. Shes getting the same shaped Orbs/UFO’s.this is at ground level. How is this possible people?. Do these Aliens make space ships 2 miles in diameter, and what, like 6 inches in diameter as in this cemetery photo, also? C’mon …Get real…and Mr. Iverson, your right, You should think before you speak and look like an IDIOT!…Right.

    • I just saw the photos you’re talking about and they look similar but they DO NOT have the notch cut out like you said. Also, If they were dust particles like you say, it still doesn’t explain how they travel BEHIND the tether.

      • Thank You MaskMarvl for at least looking. some people just wal around with “Blinders” on. The photos of the grave yard are pretty bad, but its my opinion that the “Notch” is indicative of the model of Camera used, nothing more.As I explained, (Sort of), the UFO’s are images of the Video cameras TUBE. It’s what happens when the Telephoto lens is used to the extreme on a light source. Heres another picture if you have time to look. I also believe that the particles appearing to go behind the Tether, is an optical illusion. It only appears to be behind, it’s actually in front of the Tether. This Tether Video is also a very bad print. Thank you again MaskMarvl for giving me a chance to explain…

        • The photo i want MaskMarvl to see is the 60th picture when you scroll down. It has both the Tether picture and another picture with the moon.

  6. They sure look like snowflakes in the close ups.The sunlight is shining on some of them. I’m not disputing there are UFOs but this just seems to be what it is, debris, ice crystal, dust? No frame of reference as to how far or close or size of these objects.

  7. OK…I finally found a site that cooberates my findings about these “Batman” saucers. Please Take a look at this site. Scroll down until you see the chart of UFO shapes. See Image L6. Look familiar/ now scroll down just under the chart. and read this person’s explanation of what were seeing…!

  8. You guys have to stop and think this through scientific method style. Could it be electro static or other modality is making the UFO move around the tether? Or, is it NASA astronauts manipulating ice crystals via charges down the tether? Naw, they wouldn’t do a thing like that? NOT WITH GUYS LIKE YOU AROUND. THREATEN THEN NOT WITH THE FIRING SQUAD BUT WITH WITHHOLDING YOUR TAXES, CIVIL RIGHTS STYLE DEMONSTRATIONS? AND, IF YOU DON’T SHAPE UP, UNCIVLIZED BEHAVIOR LIKE TAKING OUT THE STARBUCKS MACHINE.

  9. all i know is or believe is that z ufos are real very real most people dont understand why strange things are hapenning to earth what ever u say i believe there are ufos

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