Watch Wind Turbine Stopper UFO


Compelling evidence of an alien visitation from space just took place when a bizarre UFO was recorded on video stopping a turbine as it moved through a wind farm, according to some alien investigators.

The video was shot in the remote area of Madjdanek, Lublin, Poland in April this year. It apparently shows an unusual circular object flying slowly towards a wind turbine.

The rotors that were turning, suddenly came to a complete stop as the orb was approaching. They started to rotate again after the object had passed.

Polish paranormal YouTube channel Grupa obserwacyjna posted the video clip to the commercial video sharing site.

According to the channel, the object came from the east and flew over the area for about an hour. The object disappeared after the recording.

It was claimed to have been filmed on April 17.

The event is now being debated on several online UFO forums.

According to some UFO researchers, NASA knows very well this kind of metallic, orb object. They say that the orbs following near to the space shuttle Atlantis were similar to this one.

Since the footage went online, other witnesses say that the same object was spotted over Zgorzelec flying in a north-easterly direction just within 24 hours of the event.

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  1. Both windmills stopped and started simultaneously.
    Looks like the wind died down and then picked back up.
    Also can tell CGI when it goes in front of blade and then behind post.

    • those windmills do not stop. they turn constantly. also, why didn’t the other turbines stop too? the wind would be everywhere. the ufo DOES disappear behind the post. it appears like it doesn’t with the blade because the blade is slim. that’s an optical illusion.

      • Actually the wind wouldn’t necessarily be everywhere. I’ve driven past many windfarms where turbines very near each other don’t turn at the same rate, or one does and the other is still

  2. Everyone knows where they put wind farms right? Yep, where it’s windy. This is probably a plastic bag, or some other type of debris that got caught up in the wind. Did anyone see the windmill stop? I didn’t.

    • After looking again, yes the windmills did stop, however if the wind stops, they will stop too. I don’t think this is anything strange. I still think the UFO could have been debris caught up in the wind, or something added to the video. If you look closely, the object passes in front of one of the propellers and behind the post holding them up.

  3. As much as I believe in UFO’s I cannot help but wonder why someone was filming a wind farm of all things. It seems very odd and just leads me to believe that on this occasion, the video is fake.

  4. IF (if) this thing is a ufo and not cgi, the question is why did it stop the two nearest turbines? theoretically it would stop the two turbines nearest to itself/its flight path (not nearest the camera). This thing is REALLY small if indeed it would stop the turbines nearest its flight path.

    Notice how the turbines in the far distance don’t stop. If the thing was of any decent size, and it stops the turbines near its flight path, then those ones in the far distance (at very bottom edge of frame) would be the turbines that stop.

    Or for whatever reason it decided to extend its powers to stop the turbines nearest the camera person.

    With all that, we still have to contend with CGI possibility and whether the passing infront/behind is an optical illusion or not. Personally I don’t think the blade is thin enough to produce that sort of optical illusion

  5. To me, it looks like the blob goes in front of blade and pole.
    I really hope if I ever have the good fortune to photograph a UFO, that I have some dramatic music with me!

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