British Top-Secret UFO X-Files To Be Released Within Days After Several Delays

MOD UFO files

The British X-files could be made available to the public in the coming days. Alien hunters are now excited to know more about the infamous Rendlesham UFO case. British officials already confirmed the files be transferred to the National Archives within the month.

UFO researchers have been fighting for the release of 18 top secret Ministry of Defence (MoD) files on government investigations of UFO sightings.

The Government has long faced allegations about cover-ups, and it worsened when their release of records involving UFO sightings and investigations did not push through at the end of 2013. The release stalled this March again.

Former MoD investigator on UFO sightings, Nick Pope, believes the files contain unusual sightings. However, he doesn’t think that the soon-to-be-released records involve the UK version of the US hangar cover up.

Lord Black of Brentwood has been exerting many efforts for the release of these records to the National Archives.

Mr Pope sympathized with alien researchers when the release of data was stalled, which the defense ministry blamed on additional processing requirements.

Mr Pope served the MoD for 21 years and said that they did not have any crashed spaceships hidden from the public in some RAF hanger. However, he stressed that they did have some fascinating and unexplained cases in their files.

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  1. Yes, and there’s a man in the moon! Paragraphs will have been deleted.”There is no conclusive evidence.” And more cover-ups. We cannot compete with the worlds government’s lying. What would happen IF they came clean? Oh boy, their scamming…§

  2. They have had plenty of time to redact the best stuff. There will be nothing too revealing in these documents.

  3. The Rothchilds and Rockerfellas have more alien artifacts than anyone on earth. I always stated, they control the world and all the politicians. Not even the president of the United States has enough power to be granted access to those Roswell files. No world leader on this planet has enough power to be granted access to any alien artifacts. Our career politicians have more power and influence than any president of the United states, and they will due the bidding of the Rockerfellas and Rothchilds. Maybe the Bushes and the Cheyneys have access because they are part of that satanic circle. Why do you think so many terrorist groups and wars keep forming. Andwho controls this forming. To keep our minds off of what they are actually doing. That is why North Korea wants to take over the world. China remains defiant and Russia continues there animosity. They all know that the Rothchilds and Rockerfellas hold these secrets and they have the entire US military and the British forces to maintain those secrets. Hitler found out about that and that’s why he was so interested in UFO, and the occult. Because the Rothchilds and Rockerfellas were involved in the occult for centuries. The aliens may be advanced but they do not have the demon sense of evil as the Rockerfellas and Rothchilds do or the Queen of England. Every alien that ever came to this earth were captured and dissected. Aliens truthfully are more afraid of us, than we are of them. But it will come a time when we will see aliens with the same demon sense of evil as the rockerfellas and rothchilds. They will do to us what the rothchilds and rockerfellas did to the aliens that were came to this world. I just hope that those aliens get the ones who did them harm, than take their anger out on us. And truthfully, the aliens can befriend the evil entities like the Rothchilds and rockerfellas because they can tell the aliens that we are the demons and that we dissected their people and killed them. That is a way for them to obtain all alien knowledge from them. Over 50 thousand indian children were killed from occult rituals by these same people back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Although their were trials, nothing happened to them. Media was too afraid to print it. News stations were told not to have it on any news, just like china and north korea does to their media

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