British UFO Encounter: Aliens Interested in Nuclear Weapons

Gary Heseltine

Gary Heseltine is a recently retired police detective having served almost 24 years with the British Transport police in England. He came forward with astounding information which sheds new light on the most famous case in the Britain. The 56-year old claims that the extraterrestrials were interested in the nuclear weapons, which is why they visited the RAF Bentwaters.  Throughout the incident, Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston says he was able to touch the small triangular vessel. He described the vessel as smooth to touch, but has strangled symbols that bear resemblance to The incident, which dubbed the Roswell, has made the front page of the currently defunct News and has sparked various documentaries. Gary worked for almost 24 years in the British Transport Police. He claims that Colonel Charles Halt, the deputy base commander, revealed the existence of the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in Suffolk airbase. In December 1980, aliens reportedly buzzed the Rendlesham Forest and USAF base for over three nights. Two nights later, the mysterious object returned, and Col Halt led a group of experts. Based on his recordings, he called the object as a red winking eye.

A few years later, he filed a detailed memo about the encounter to the British Ministry of Defence. The memo was under the auspices of the Freedom of Information Act. Among the controversial stories, the most controversial are the reports about the extraterrestrial creatures firing beams in the weapons storage area. This retired officer claims that Col Halt told him that the high-ranking official of the USAF has made the shocking revelation as they toured the base. Unfortunately, when Colt Halt was asked, he denied the Gary’s claim stating that he never revealed anything to Gary. The US and UK governments created a policy of neither denying nor confirming that tool of the mass destruction was at the base.

Despite his denial, explanations were made to support Gary’s statement. First is the incident that took place in December 1980 wherein the base was on high alert because Soviet troops were on the border of Poland. This rationale is the motive as to why extraterrestrial beings turned to the base. The most recent information was from the two retired operators claiming that an unidentified object traveled 8 seconds at 120 miles.

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  1. im sorry, but im getting increasingly bored with this UFO story….weave heard it from all angles, and yes even about the nuclear bombs.

  2. The last time you published this crap, it had 14 responses, most saying it was total rubbish , why publish this again , it is total rubbish, get it ………… RUBBISH !!!!!!!

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