Students and Residents Claim Seeing An Alien Climb A Tree Before Fleeing


A mysterious humanoid was observed coming out from a UFO, climbed a tree, and then jumped back on board the strange object. Three students claimed to have seen the entire bizarre activity in Santa Cruz – a city in Argentina.

According to the report, they saw the UFO circling the area before making a landing. The witnesses had claimed that the humanoid seemed to notice them before it decided to get back quickly on board.

The students were on their way home from school when the event took place.

One female witness said that it started with a bright light in the sky when the impossible happened. The UFO came down and eventually landed.

Another woman said she heard a deafening sound and saw the UFO went down and disappeared.

Residents also claimed to have seen the UFO, which crashed on Calle 2 of the district. They said a weird being climbed a tree.

Another shocked woman described the being as small and gooey, which extended its arms and climbed a tree. The woman added that it had long fingers.

The very unusual activity reportedly happened at 10 pm on Friday in the El Dorado District of the El Bastion Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Some suspected that the students just started a hoax, but one resident even provided a drawing of the so-called alien being.

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  1. Thank all of you for making this story public.
    Footprints don’t lie.
    (With the description of the long fingers, it has the earmarks of a race of Aliens that have suction cups on their palms.)
    The World awaits further contacts.
    Can we be as friendly as they are?
    We have never been alone [in this Universe].
    I am asking all who can, to please pray for our Space Brothers and Sisters.
    Thought and prayer can move mountains. Be well!

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