Conspiracy Theorists Claim UFO Prevents Huge Impact Of A Meteor To Earth


Friendly aliens might have just saved the Earth from a destructive meteor strike, claimed conspiracy theorists.

The theory surfaced after a released footage showed a fireball exploding in the skies of Maine, New England in the U.S.

The natural phenomena show an apparent second, smaller object entering the atmosphere of the Earth during the incident on Tuesday.

The presence of a second object was confirmed by the American Meteor Society (AMS) but said that it was just a smaller meteor fragment as it broke up in Earth’s atmosphere.

Despite the AMS explanation, most diehard alien chasers still thought an alien craft was dispatched to destroy the meteor, which believed to prevent an impact.

The theory further claimed that galactic patrols might be looking over humanity as these space beings know that people on Earth still don’t have the technology to deal with comet strikes or asteroid, which could wipe out the entire planet.

The fireball was witnessed over Canada, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, New Jersey, and New Hampshire.

YouTube channel Nemesis Maturity uploaded the video that showed two objects – one seemingly followed the other.

The second, smaller object seemed to strike the bigger one prior to a big explosion.

The video was from a security camera installed at Burlington International Airport in South Burlington, Vermont.

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  1. SO….where’s this alien then, i saw a couple of photos, of which there are two red circles drawn apparently outlining I’ll assume the meteor and either a broken off piece OR is this supposed to be the UFO…???, i don’t know, because despite what i felt i was led to believe….NOTHING was said concerning any UFO what so ever…????

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