Nighttime Lights Raise Speculations Of A UFO Visiting Virginia Sky


Dinwiddie Country, Va. – Residents are wondering about the origin of lights overhead in the McKinney night sky.

Some residents think it can be a flying saucer with life from another planet.

CBS 6 went out to the place of the sighting to interview the witnesses and investigate the authenticity of the reports about a UFO flying overhead.

The lights were still there when the television crew arrive in McKinney, Virginia and found out that the lights did not or barely move.

Moreover, there were no sounds of an engine running from those lights.

A reporting witness told CBS 6 that he believed the lights were coming from a UFO or UFOs visiting the Virginia sky.

While the alleged flying object may remain unknown at least for now, Zach Daniel, CBS 6 chief meteorologist, has a pair of guesses of where the lights could be coming.

He says that they are most likely from satellites or might be from another planet visible in the sky. But admits that he can be wrong, and further investigations may shed some lights whether they are from satellites, planets, orbiting space shuttle, the International Space Station or perhaps UFOs.

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  1. TYPICAL CBS newsreader being condescending as per usual, satellites move, and mostly at a great speed of knots, if a planet…well why hasn’t it been spotted before now, we also have noticed an added feature to our night skies over the past month of May, this ones more of a shade of yellow, first spotted on the full may moon, a little below and to the right of it, now standing alone albeit in the same region..?? BUT what are they..???

    • you are seeing Saturn. right now, saturn, mars and jupiter are all highly visible in the june sky. if you get a telescope you can see beautiful saturn and it’s rings. mars is gorgeously red and bright. jupiter is the king of planets and you can see it’s moons. saturn and mars rise in the south east. jupiter is directly overhead. people need to be aware of where we live in the solar system and what we can see. we all need to learn about our place in this universe.

  2. I have a video taken lastnight in McKenney of a light very similar to this except the one I filmed is very visibly moving and emitting a sort of smoke or vapor and as it lowered behind the trees we could see it’s light reflecting off of the trees.

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