The Revelation of Black Knight’s True Shape

Black Knight

While the aliens of 1950’s classics were mostly clunking robots or green creatures covered in slimy goo more recent portrayals are more sophisticated. Modern writers have often portrayed aliens with all too human motivations and objectives. While this is a step forward, it is far from the whole story, nor indeed, does it represent any real portrayal of truth. The fact is that we just plain do not know what form life will take if it did not evolve on this planet, we can only guess, and those guesses say far more about our psychology than that of any other worldly being.

According to the conspiracy theorists of UFO, the Black Knight is a form of the extraterrestrial satellite, which has orbited the Earth for around 13,000 years. The mythical object, however, is most likely a conflation of numerous disconnected stories according to Martina Redpath. Redpath is the senior education support officer of Armagh Planetarium in Northern Ireland. It was uploaded on a video stated the real color of the Black Knight. Its origin and its function are not known, but different images exist. It was NASA that took the pictures. In the following video, experts have shown a comprehensive and long investigation to rebuild, with a few available information about the object. While the investigation used a Spanish language, it is clear that the images will speak for themselves.

Alien and extraterrestrial beings have long been a subject for science fiction writers. Even before we had space travel, the topic had probably already entered into cliche. Of course as our understanding of the science behind Black Knight, biological systems, and our psychology has advanced so too has our portrayal of extraterrestrials in our entertainment media. We are not only in this world and if you have any uncertainties simply check the different alien stories which people were telling years ago. You cannot be ignorant to say that humans are alone in this universe, and neglect the reports on alien encounters told by people around the world.

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  1. That picture has been identified as a piece of blanket insulation that was errantly dropped by the astronaut who was installing it on the ISS
    . Even after this was proven, the story and picture will not go away. There may indeed be a mysterious satellite orbiting the Earth, but this picture is not it. I believe we are being visited by beings not of this Earth, but if we allow ourselves to believe every bit of nonsense, we’ll never find the truth.

  2. would be nice if it was translated for everybody, at the least supplied subtitles…..this video gave me nothing all because i didnt understand a bloody word he was saying….so, what was the point..???

  3. Once again stories that have never been checked.Obviously copied from another site, who didn’t check either.
    It really is annoying.

  4. This object has already been identified by NASA. I’d like to ask the conspiracy advocates how they know this has been orbiting the Earth for 12,000 years? I mean they spurt this nonsense out and show no proof.

  5. i certainly find more interest in these topics than iwith the endless bitching preening poncing you can come across every frigging day by people in the public eye, celebrities politicians jjobsworths etc, same old ego’s same old morons decade after decade after decade after…

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