UFO Encounter in 1966: What Happened At Beverly USA?

1966 Beverly ufo

To have an encounter with an alien is something one will never forget for the rest of his life. The victims of this crucial and rampant phenomenon will have a unique outlook on their everyday lives. It plants on a memory deep down that it cannot be erased in any way possible.  This puzzling case took place in Beverly, Massachusetts on April 22, 1966, and involves nine witnesses. This dramatic encounter is viewed as being the most persuasive arguments for the extraterrestrial hypothesis. The occurrence began to appear at 9:00 p.m. when Nancy Modugno was laying in bed. Later on, she noticed a blinking light through her window. At forty feet away, an unidentified object of an automobile size brightly flashed in colors green, blue, white, and red lights. As it moved in low altitude; the football-shaped spacecraft has a whizzing and ricocheting sound. The object descended behind the trees behind Beverly High School.

She was terrified and told her father. Later on, the two friends of her mother saw the flashing lights in the field. Together with Claire, her mother, three of them walked down to the hill and saw something unusual. Three objects were hovering in the sky, circling and halting as if they were playing. The mysterious unknown objects were oval-shaped that has bright flashing lights. According to them, the object appeared larger as it drew closer. Since the colors were right, it became visible to other resident making the police officers to see and investigate the incident. Initially, Officers Mahan and Bossie asked the location of the airplane, but when it drew closer to them, they were shaking.

It had three lights – green, red, and blue without noise. Just as the policemen got out of the vehicle, the disc passed over the school and started to move slowly. Before it disappeared behind buildings, the speed accelerated.

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  1. I lived on Beverly then & remember my family watching it from my family home on the top of Hillside Ave., in the Rile Side section of Beverly. We watched it hover above I think was the city of Salem, Mass. It was amazing, with what looked like several Windows across in a line. It just stood still & then seemed to go both ahead & backwards. When I went to work the next day, several other people claimed to have seen the same thing.

    • We saw one while playing baseball at the park st ballfield next to city garage I believe it was early summer just getting dark

    • Jean, I am a part of a journalism class that is building a story on this event. Is this regarding April 22, 1966? Do you still live near by, and if so would you be interested in sharing information on it?

  2. It was too low in the sky for an airplane & no aireplane could fly that low & keep so quiet & still. It was very large.

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