UFO Hunter Claims He Discovered Artificial Structures in Huge Cities On Venus


At least in the eyes of some UFO hunters, aliens aren’t just building structures on Mars. Recently published images of Venus seem to show artificial structures in large cities, as well as other elements.

According to one researcher, some kind of alien race created the buildings.

YouTube user and alien hunter mundodesconocido posted a video discussing the large cities he discovered while examining the collection of photos.

He also made 3D models of the visible structures.

He speculated in the video that the bizarre shapes are artificial, and they appear to be cities with elements that emit light.

Mundodesconocido tours viewers to the so-called great city on Venus, showing somewhat raised structures across the planet that he believes to be alien apartment complexes. However, skeptics would say that they are just craters on the surface.

These images in the video came from the Magellan probe that was launched to Venus in 1989 and arrived a little over a year later. Its missions were to study chemical processes, planet’s interior, land forms and tectonics, deposition, erosion, and impact processes.

Doubters argue that those protruding structures, which were referred to as huge cities, are just the result of the volcanic flows on 85 percent of the Venus’ surface.

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  1. They’re trying to paint Venus as having no atmosphere & being a hellhole but the early famous images show it has blue skies and clouds..so why are all the glossy mags and sites like space .com portraying it as having no atmosphere in fake cgi images? Cover up..absolutely stinks of cover up..The original images are still hidden away on space .com but for how much longer?

  2. extraterrestrials are everywhere…we are one of many species in the universe…escape from the disallusionment of what youve been told….it may be to late but humanity needs to awake truth is the true empowerment…C Sheehy

  3. Is that a real picture of venus? It sure looks like artificial structures to me. And now we are finding out that there may be some Earth-like temperatures in some ares on venus. Maybe this is the planet we should be exploring instead of Mars.

  4. When you zoom in like that, there is not enough information in the image to create a clear picture, due to pixelation, the images appear to have squared attributes. I think that’s what we’re seeing here. I do however think Venus is a lot more interesting than we’ve been told.

  5. @Lucas, you wrote “And now we are finding out that there may be some Earth-like temperatures in some ares on venus”…… ARE YOU OKAY??
    People like you and many others including the mentioned ‘UFO-hunter’ are mislead and prefer to live in ignorance and naivety instead of real facts. ‘Earth-like temperatures’?? People should switch on their brains before telling a bunch of fairy tales. Here some REAL facts (copy in):
    – Conditions on the Venusian surface differ radically from those on Earth because of its dense carbon dioxide atmosphere. The mass of the atmosphere of Venus is 96.5% carbon dioxide, with most of the remaining 3.5% being nitrogen.
    – Average surface temperature: 462 °C
    – Surface pressure: 92 bar (9.2 MPa)
    >> Even ETs could not live under so hostile conditions << Have you got this finally? Fine then.
    Source of data: wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus

  6. The above reply does not really prove that there is no life on venus. Yes, it has a very high atmospheric pressure, and high surface temperaturess, but life evolves to survive and thrive under whatever conditions are available. Look at mammals on earth, for example, breathing an oxygen and nitrogen atmosphere that would kill most extremophiles on earth, some of which live near hydrothermal vents giving out volcanic temperatures that melt rock, and under pressures more than ten times greater than the pressure on the surface of venus. Here on earth we have creatures that live in acid that can dissolve humans, for example helicobacter pylori, and birds that can fly four miles high where most humans would be dead within about a minute. In the frozen ice of antarctica there are bacteria that have survived under enormous pressure and freezing temperatures for tens of thousands of years (discovered in drilled out ice cores. )

    So don’t anthropomorphise alien life. Some life forms need very high or low temperatures and different pressure ranges and atmospheres to to survive and evolve. You have to think outside of the human box.

  7. @John Bremner – I knew in advance, that someone would write exactly the lines you wrote. Sure I do know that in deep sea there live bacteria even near undersea volcanism. But this website is called ‘latest-ufo-sightings’instead of ‘latest-et-bacteria-news’. So here we do speak about real ET beings instead of ‘bacteria’, such like Greys, Nordics (Tall Blondes) and other humanoid life forms. And THEY can’t live in so dangerous conditions as they exist on Venus. By the way I want to inform you that I DO KNOW two different ET species PERSONALLY. And even I do know a third ‘kind’ of beings from real higher dimensions PERSONALLY. Those beings are in deep love and possess unbelievable power, and usually Earth humans call them by a special and only one name – YOU (and all the humans)do know exactly that name.
    So I never would anthropomorphise alien life, in contrary!!! Because I KNOW these beings. I’m busy to write a very special book about my ‘super natural’ abilities, same grounded encounters, visual sightings, real meetings and real conversation…….Book title will be: ‘If heaven smiles at you’ (translated here from my native language German: Wenn der Himmel schöne Augen macht)…….. With best wishes to all of you……….

  8. For Webmaster only: My big thanks for publishing my last comment!!!
    This comment is meant as ‘personal message’ to you – so it is not for the public. Thanks again…….. Greetings…….Will you ever show your identity…….?

  9. There are around 4billoon beings living not on the surface bt inner hollow Venus. Its again cover-up.just like hollow earth is cover-up.Things will come out certainly in this New Age of Aquarium.

  10. It sure is nice someone can actually copy stuff from wikipedia. I have found several mistakes and lack of information in wiki in the past. Not only that but Assange has been questionable about said wiki leaks. That said, could there be stuff on Venus? Likely since some aliens do not breathe for oxygen and i have heard of aliens from Venus. Being of an open rather than closed mind, a colony may exist.

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