Aliens Sending Out Signals From Ceres


Baffled astronomers made the announcement that deepened the mystery of the bright spots on the dwarf planet Ceres. They recently claimed that the famous spots blinked at intervals of around nine hours.

With the latest discovery, some UFO hunters suggested that it is a definitive evidence of the theory that bright spots on Ceres are artificial beacons transmitting coded signals. The signals would guide ET spaceships coming in to land at a base on the dwarf planet, the largest body being discovered in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The unexpected fluctuations in the brightness of the mystery spots were observed in the spectrograph of High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile. The widely known spots, called faculae, can be found in an 80-kilometer crater Occator.

Some UFO enthusiasts speculate that it is a signal. It could be a warning signal, a radar tower, or a greeting signal. It must be there for a purpose, according to UFO researchers. Does humanity need to signal back?

Some members of the UFO community think that alien colonists created the bright spots on the dwarf planet. Others speculate the extraterrestrials are still living on Ceres while some believe aliens may have already abandoned the planet long ago, but the lights are still working.

In December 2015, scientists already suggested that the bright spots could be a form of brine containing magnesium sulfate hexahydrate (MgSO4.6H20). Alien hunters, meanwhile, agree with scientists but insisted that aliens have used these materials to make a beacon.

Scientists have a better explanation for the variations in brightness. They suspect the fluctuations could be due to the activity below the surface that involves churning out plumes of material that reflect light when the planet faces the Sun. The brightness decreases when the plumes evaporate. The process could repeat in the next rotation when the planet faces the Sun again.

However, scientists admit they don’t have enough data and observations to confirm the hypothesis.

If there are aliens on the dwarf planet, what do you think the identity of these aliens? Grey aliens? Tall Whites? Pleiadian Nordic aliens? Reptillians? Anakim? Or Altairians?

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  1. If our scientist our doubt about the aliens, why wouldn’t send any robot to see in reality if their hypothesis is true or it is one of the towers of aliens.

  2. Well of course we all know that Ceres is an artificial vacation planet for giant aliens.
    And the bright occasional flashes are the aliens taking photographs.
    Gee, mystery solved!!!!

  3. This golf ball looking planet looks uninhabitable, barren and with all the other beautiful planets (ie. like earth) in the universe, why would aliens wanna be there ?!! The beacon like glow COULD be from some kind of eruption or natural phenomenon !!

  4. This golf ball like looking planet is barren and looks uninhabitable, so why should anyone be there as there are beautiful other planets in the universe, like earth, which are habitable. This appears to an eruption or natural phenomenon !!

  5. This golf ball like planet looks to be uninhabitable, why would anyone wanna be there while there are beautiful plants in the univers !! This appears to be some kind of eruption or natural phenomenon !!

  6. Who needs a dreary looking planetary surface, when you can live inside it? This is why the so called existence of E.T’s is hard to collate, they burrow down and live internally. A lot safer than being exposed to surface influences and atmospherics.
    I believe Ceres is inhabited, just like so many other planets…our included, especially as the science behind it, isn’t that hard to reproduce, after all aren’t our governments creating DUMBS on a global scale and leaving us suckers topside?

    • “uninhabitable” .. but you don’t necessarily need a body made of flesh to travel in space.
      What is possible ? many things.. also it would pointless to do space travel if life expectancy is short, body too weak, or travel time too long, if some civilization travel in space, they have solved two or more of theses problems.

      We are still animals, next step is something else, just like ape will never do what we do.

  7. Are these scientists blind ? the ones that say extraterrestrial life may be out there ? What do they think the 100+ new photos and videos a week of UFOs in our lower atmosphere are ? Do they think all these people taking the photos and videos are all using CGI to modify cell phone videos to look like UFOs ?? !

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