UFO Apparently Going Home Through A Portal


Claims of an alien spacecraft have emerged after an intriguing footage appears to show strange aerial event that involves a UFO being sucked into a portal.

A swirling white vortex can be seen in the blue sky in the 45-second video. As it coils, it becomes smaller.

The background of the video produces a sound commonly heard from a large airplane or a jet flying at low altitude.

As the vortex continues to decrease in size, a small glowing ball of light apparently appears in the bottom left corner of the clip.

The UFO allegedly rises rapidly to the centre of the portal. Once it reaches there, it seems that the white formation swallows it, making the mysterious thing to disappear without a trace in the blue sky.

Misterio Canal uploaded the video to YouTube few days ago and had been viewed thousands of times.

However, it’s hard to tell where the video was shot. It is titled โ€œDimensional portal in the sky absorbs a UFO.โ€

Some viewers doubt the videoโ€™s authenticity. One suggests that it could be digital effects, and another believes it is just a plain tornado.

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  1. This video is just a cropped and mirrored version of the hoax debunked at the link below. The uncropped version of the video was created by “Section 51” (as indicated by the prominent logo). Section 51 have described themselves as small team that of “Internet-video creators specialized in dreaming up sci-fi, action YouTube videos, jam-packed with stunning VFX”. They offered various incentives for those prepared to provide funding for their projects. For example, in return for a small fee, they offered to take the video of your choice and “we insert an original UFO on it”. Mmm. Well, at least they were open about what they were doing. It is a bit sad that none of the press coverage of the video noted these facts about “Section 51”, despite Section 51 putting these admissions on one of their own webpages (and my pointing out this information on my website and on Facebook repeatedly since mid-2015…). isaackoi.com/ufo-videos/koi-ufo-video-111.html

  2. I’m an abductee since 1976. I know they are real! Everyone cries hoax but if they had seen what I have they would clam up. The inter dimensional ones are called the “Armies of God.”

    • have you been abducted several times? are you still being visited? are you fertile? how is your health? are you being visited by strange men in black?

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