A UFO On Stunning Video Brings Life Anew To Phoenix Lights Case


Phoenix Lights Incident comes to life once again after a recent video apparently shows a UFO similar to one of the most incomprehensible mass sightings.

ET enthusiasts believe it can prove once and for all space aliens visit planet Earth.

A seemingly shocked driver captured the strange object at night in Florida.

FindingUFO YouTube channel first broadcast the clip. The man who recorded the unusual aerial activity can’t contain his astonishment at it.

The unnamed witness reportedly shot the footage on Highway 46 on May 7 of this year.

In the video, he says that the object is moving then hovering before disappearing.

The man describes the thing as round in the video, but experts are convinced it is an incredible video of the unusual triangle-shaped UFOs allegedly observed during the Phoenix Lights Incident in 1997.

In March 1997, thousands of individuals saw a large triangle UFOs, flying across the state Arizona and the city of Phoenix.

Witnesses described the size of it in variations from Boeing 747 to multiple football fields.

Some UFO investigators believe that the Phoenix Lights case is the most compelling evidence of alien visitation to Earth.

However, some conspiracy theorists think the triangular flying objects are just the US Government secret military planes that are part of the reported black projects to invent spy planes.

According to FindingUFO, the witness told them that he was driving on Route 46, but in the video, he reportedly got the GPS wrong, the reason he said 426. He then saw some odd looking lights on the left side of the road.

He first thought of a plane with an unusual light pattern. However, he saw it getting bigger while crossing the road. He got curious of the sight this time.

All of a sudden, the witness claimed to have seen lights flashing from the object while moving across the road and then hovering on the right side. The object then disappeared few seconds after the witness turned the camera.

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  1. The Phoenix Lights case is indeed the most compelling evidence of alien visitation to Earth.
    It is highly unlikely that these sightings could be associated with US Government secret military planes. Firstly, neither US nor any other ‘local’ nation have the techs allowing almost one-mile-wide craft to glide silently at low altitudes, to hover and then to accelerated rapidly at enormous velocities. Secondly, if US military had such ‘otherworldly’ craft, it would not test it over a large city like Phoenix. To think that Russia or China could have developed such gravity-defying aircraft is hilarious. Anyway, even if so, they would not have sent them flying over the United States risking to trigger nuclear conflict.

  2. UFO OR NO UFO…..do you normally drive whilst holding a video camera….ive got a good idea, pull over then stop. I’m pretty sure if you caused an accident whilst driving this way, the judge will not sympathise with you if you say “i’m sorry, but i was to busy ufo hunting”…

    • Yes George, you are right, they don´t belong to this planet, i don´t have idea from what planet or galaxy they come, but i´m sure UFOS are not from EARTH. Regards, L.A.Baynham, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  3. What I’d like konw is why these alien or interdementional or terrestrial craft are always flying over populated areas?
    Obviously want to be seen? Dont care if they are because they dispise us and are playing cat and mouse? WHAT?

  4. Please stop saying “it’s aliens” or “it’s ET.” That’s as bad as skeptics saying “it’s a weather ballon.” It’s unidentified. It’s a mystery. We don’t know what these objects are — yet. Until we do, don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t shatter your (our!) credibility by jumping to untenable conclusions. It’s okay to speculate — that’s different. But let’s stick to observational details, along with large measures of wonder, curiosity, and awe.

  5. I really like what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

  6. This is the second article I’ve seen comparing this sighting to the Phoenix Lights but it doesn’t make much sense to me. From what was captured in the video he recorded shows a medium sized triangular UFO that looks very distinct from the absolutely massive V shaped Phoenix Lights UFO. The one from Florida even has lights in places that were not seen in the Phoenix Lights UFO. They just don’t look the same. Not saying anything about what the sightings actually are or where they originated from but the comparison just isn’t there.

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