UFO sighting caught on tape over Mesa, Arizona 16-Mar-2016


Here’s one new footage of a bright unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Mesa, Arizona.

Witness report: On Saturday night, 16 March 2013, starting at 2150 to 2209, I recorded the following lights crossing the Mesa, Arizona skyline. I was on the second floor of an apartment complex on Lindsey and US-60. I was going to close the blinds in my daughter’s room when the incident occurred. The reason I find this interesting is that there are 2-red vertical lights that slowly moved from the North-West to the East. Possibly coming from the Anthem, Cave Creek Area headed toward Superstition Mountains. An aircraft is supposed to have green lights on this side. Red was the only light visible throughout the whole recording and it was steady and never rotated or moved out of position. At about 11-minutes into filming the top light begin to fade than went out. At 15-minutes 20 seconds the second light began to fade than went out. Near the end of the filming I do show an aircraft landing at Falcon Field. I have 21-years in Naval Aviation as an Aviation Ordnanceman working on Fixed & Rotary Wing aircraft and there weapons; and 6-years in the Aerospace Industry. Three of those were manufacturing Military Helicopters and three were in Iraq & Afghanistan as a Contractor with numerous Army Medivac Units. I have been in combat situations both in the Navy and as a Contractor. With all this said, I know for a fact these are not Military Flares or other ordnance. As far as an Air Ship, Balloon or other type of aircraft, I am 99% sure it is not. I do not know of any aircraft like this or that has formation lights like this and/or then extinguishes itself. There were no clouds or haze this night. It was a comfortable cool air. As far as a shape, I could not tell. I did try to look for something that would identify its shape and transparency but did not find any evidence of it. It was too far away to determine if it had a sound. I can only guesstimate the object(s) were 8-10 miles from me.

Source: MUFON

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  1. Finally, some decent coverage of a UFO. Hope all that take these kinds of videos learn something. Use the video cam the correct way and more people will be interested to see what you catch.

  2. I have seen similar about two years ago in the skies above Sydney Australia. They flew close and silent overhead. Are they some kind of reconnaissance drones?

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