Strange Objects Captured Over Clifton Park, New York


The aliens were used to be the object of imagination and are, therefore, debatable. Whether or not you believe in them, it does not matter to most people because your imagination is a reality to other people. If your curiosity has brought you to the next level, you may research about UFO stories and see it for yourself. The strange sightings are not just about a drone hovering, but also alien visitations, animal mutilation, or human abduction.

Recently, there has been a strange object that freaked the viewer in Clifton Park, New York. According to him, the unknown object was ejecting orbs, specifically the drones. Unfortunately, the strange drone disappeared once he broke the camera.  The aircraft is believed to be an anti-gravity in nature. In fact, it bears a resemblance of an airplane without wings. The difference is that it has no sounds.

Since people have different opinions, they are documenting anti-gravity technology based on the different perceptions. The shadow government in the US is autonomous tracking Americans unlawfully without public knowledge. Meanwhile, the US Military Industrial Complex is currently using A.R.V antigravity technology in modern aircraft. Unfortunately, as a cover for the black projects, the stars were disguised as extraterrestrials. This entity is designed to help the black government, and many airline companies have been used to cover these spy abduction programs. It was believed to be a part of the Eugenic Transhuman agenda.

If you can recall, numerous stories have been posted online, and many people are claiming they have been abducted without their knowledge. Through the knowledge of this technology, a lot of hidden truths will be uncovered. One of the reasons why extraterrestrial beings have remained a debatable object until now is the thought that some stories claimed by a genuine witness were hidden. However, it is not the end of the world. There are still more rooms for explanations.

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  1. OMG… Another SCREAMING FREAK who actually WANTS Earth to be invaded … another Independence Day wunna-be who has seen WAYYYY TOO MANY Hollyweird Movies!

    “Anti-Gravity Guys … ANTI-GRAAAAVITY!”

    It is a FREAKING HELO! Can’t you see the damn navigation lights blinking??? Not to mention the shaped of it? And I swear I hear Helo blades cutting through the air!

    What a mustard-brain!

    MY GOD!

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