UFO Spotted Above World Trade Center Ground Zero


A man snapped of what many UFO enthusiasts considered as a spectacular photo above the World Trade Center Ground Zero buildings in New ork.

The witness chose not to be named in his report filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), one of the biggest organization that investigates UFO reports around the world.

In a MUFON report, the witness said he was with his wife in WTC Ground Zero. He captured several random photos of the building – three pictures in a minute.

The couple did not notice any anomaly in the photos throughout their holiday trip. When they viewed the photos after the holiday, they found a strange object flying above.


The reporting witness said that they didn’t see the UFO with their naked eyes when they were visiting the WTC. He believes that is not an ordinary aerial object in the sky. He thinks the United States government won’t permit any conventional vehicles to fly above there.

He suggests that it can be an undetected vehicle or a UFO. One photo of the witness shows colourful circles and the next one shows a UFO that appears to replace the rings. In photo number 3, no light and no UFO can be seen.

The witness wants professionals to analyse the images, the main reason he sent them along with his report to MUFON.

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  1. how ridiculous! and an affront to all the lives lost with this area. your picture and story are completely fabricated. you can make up anything and put it on here.

  2. Interesting picture. Might be real might not? What I find that pics like that are not real clear. Wish that they were clearer,,,,

    Thanks for the pictures.

  3. why do you Say its FAKE..i have also taken photos that show objects in photo that were not there when i took them…this is the problem it is too many people dismissing everything as FAKE..step out of your box and research yourself on this topic .And you may become educated with a bit of luck lol..

  4. This is clearly a bird, very likely a pigeon, taken from beneath, with his wings streched right above his body (thus opposite to the camera)

  5. Well said Ghunt … the first couple of people having a go all because of where these were taken, maybe this is why this object was there to begin with, and NOWHERE DID IT SAY THESE ARE FAKE…I believe them to be genuine. Well done guys good catch.

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