Giant Triangular UFO Hovers For About Half An Hour


Atherton Tablelands, Northern Australia – A young family claimed to have spotted a massive triangular UFO that is allegedly 100 times bigger than a plane. The unidentified flying object emerged on the Tablelands on September 3, 2016, Saturday.

Kyle Mathiot was with his two young boys and partner Deborah Price playing with sparklers in the front yard of their home in Herberton on the weekend about 7:30 pm when they noticed something unusual in the distance.

Mr. Mathiot recalled that he saw one light up in the sky and for him, it was way too large to be a star.

He decided to get his partner’s phone to take pictures of the light. Moments later, he noticed another two lights, making a triangle shape with the first light.

This time, Mr. Mathiot started to realize that it was a triangle UFO with three bright lights. He then snapped multiple photos of the UFO as it hovered in the same spot for around thirty minutes before it disappeared.

He said that it was zipping weird and fast like no drone or plane can ever do. The lights were reportedly about two centimeters apart in the sky. Mr. Mathiot thinks it had to be an enormous aerial object.

A spokesman for Australian Defense Force stated there was no proof of military aircraft at the time of sighting in the Herberton area.

UFO researcher Alec Brimacombe confirmed that Mr. Mathiot’s pictures appeared to show a triangular object. He said that if the witness was telling the truth about the object being spotted with the naked eye, then it could not be just a photographic anomaly.

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