Illinois: 5 floating orbs over Lake Michigan 27-Sep-2016


Check out this amazing footage of a bright orbs hovering in the sky above Lake Michigan in US state Illinois. This was filmed yesterday (27th August 2016).

Witness report: At 7:25 PM on 9-27-2016 I looked out my window to see 5 bright lights floating over Lake Michigan. Specifically in front of the South Street Beach area of Evanston,IL. They were initially in a linear formation and then moved to a T formation. Three of the orbs slowly broke away to form a triangle. After 30 minutes the orbs disappeared. A delivery driver coming to my home also saw the lights. There were planes flying past these lights. I have photos and video.

Author (source: MUFON)

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    • “These are planes lining up to land at Ohare”…
      Really, how many planes, once lined up, then proceed to stop moving. ive never known any plane other than a harrier jump jet do that..? so that was a rather stupid comment.

    • planes lining up. they are hovering. you can see planes even when they are flying at you. this man lives here, i think he knows the dif.

  1. The are not hovering….this is a very common occurrence during heavy air traffic times. The planes are ~5 miles apart and land one after another. I live here too and have seen this dozens of times.

  2. These are military flares and they can last up 4 mins and they are being supported by parachutes.. you noticed the plane flying by ignored the flares because the air controllers made them aware of the flares.
    … they are not moving to the right, up or left..but floating downward toward the skyline..

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