Louisville, Kentucky: UFO followed by a smaller UFO fleet 19-Sep-2016


Here’s one interesting footage of some kind of a UFO fleet flying across the sky above Louisville, Kentucky. This was filmed on 19th September 2016.

Witness report: watching the night sky with a NV-IR device, i captured a UFO traveling N to NE, when it disappeared above garage i noticed there was a ufo fleet behind it, they flew too fast to be birds and moving very quick in formation at night following a ufo?i don’t think it was birds because they were at the same altitude as the first UFO (main object).

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Another full screen viewing in hopes of seeing the real thing. Before I read the comments, I was thinking, it look like birds. The pattern of the lights resembled those of a flock of birds. When someone does film a real UFO sighting, will it be released to us or…is this ‘junk’ all we can expect?


    That is how many war heads of that size will fit in one Trident missile nose cone. Might we note the comments above? Might they be trying to throw us off of what we are seeing here?

    “TAKE A GOOD LOOK HERE” Is what elder said just as Bitch began watching the video.

  3. Honestly, I live in KY a little over an hour and a half away from Louisville and witnessed something similar to this in my backyard with my dad and brother in 2011 and I’ve searched the internet for years looking for something similar to what we saw that night and this is the closest thing I’ve seen so far!

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