Tennessee Man Witnesses A UFO That He Describes As Orange Line


A bright orange line in the sky was spotted by a man in Nashville in Tennessee. The orange line seemed to be two separate lights after zooming in the video recording.

The witness was on a work break when the incident took place. It was at three early in the morning on August 15, 2016, when he noticed a brilliant orange light in the sky, unlike anything he had ever seen in his usual spot for smoking. The brightness of the light caught his attention, as well as the color that appeared like a street light, but way too big.

His first thought was the moon behind cloud cover, but he noticed the moon was directly above him. Furthermore, there wasn’t cloud cover that time. Because it was very dark and the object was far away, the witness could not make out any features on it.

Even after a thorough look, the witness could still not find any details as the lights on the object appeared to cover it. The witness used his phone to record a video of it and after zooming in, he realized the lights were actually two separate lights with a small gap in between. After around a minute, the object started to shrink and turned pure white in a gradual manner. Two minutes later, the object faded away, and the witness lost sight of it.

The unnamed witness reported his sighting to MUFON, and it is filed under case 78626.

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  1. I reported the same ‘Ionization’ of the atmosphere beginning in 2013 and have hundreds of photographs of this phenomenon. As stated, it is ionization caused by a craft using it’s antigrav drive in atmosphere, they do even “jump” from place to place in the sky as I reported over Holts Summit MO. while I resided there. I am fairly certain most of these ionization lines, are caused by a secret space program or earth military becayse I caught the craft twice in a low power turn lit up by earthbound light sources and it resembles a fighter jet but, not quite your traditional fighter jet no. Like I said I have hundreds of these pictures 2013-2015 and they are in lines orb like shapes and everything in between, as the craft hovered mived slowly or fast spreading out the line, and odd shapes as it turned etc.. Likely military is my thoughts anyway but, until we get Disclosure whom can be sure. Pics can be seen on my twitter account @tyea99 but they are back a ways.

  2. What are those four (five) lights at the left of the object?
    They have remained at the same location while the object was zoomed in. The object has reduced in dimension at the end. Was it zoomed out or has actually gone far away?

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