UFO Flying Above A House Baffles A Father In Macclesfield


Chris Henry may have written multiple books about the UFO subject, but claims he has never seen anything like the one he just spotted before.

A father-of-four is looking for an answer after he saw a mysterious UFO from his kitchen window.

Macclesfield resident on Mayfield Avenue, Chris Henry, was waiting for a friend to pick him up at around 7 pm on August 25, Thursday, when a strange object appeared in the sky. He managed to record the object on video, but could not explain what he just witnessed.

He described it as like an egg-timer shape. Chris, 27, who has written books on UFOs, claimed that he had watched hundreds of videos showing UFOs, but the one he spotted was unlike anything he has witnessed before.

Chris filmed it from his doorstep, and it was only when he reviewed it back home and zoomed in the video that he saw how strange was the object.

When he posted the video on Facebook, people suspected it could be a hot air balloon or a drone, but he disagreed because it was too high up – it was flying at a plane level in miserable weather.

e doesn’t believe it is a drone either because the object does not have wings and propellers.

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  1. This looks very similar to a craft, filmed in Red Fish Point, in Florida in 1993. You can see footage of it in the documetary UFOS:The best evidence caught on tape. The documentary is currently available on Netflix (U.K.)

  2. It looks like a weather balloon to me with the radar reflector suspended below it; the balloons deflate at lower altitude, and take on a fairly elongated shape. They only take on the ‘inflated look’ at much higher, operational altitudes.

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