UFOs Caught On Cam Making Crop Circles


Beings from other planets have long been suspected perpetrators when it comes to the mysterious appearance of crop circles.

A vintage video that shows apparent UFOs circling a remote field might just prove the theory correct, according to some enthusiasts.

In the video shot in 1989, near Oliver’s Castle in Wiltshire, little white dots can be seen flying in a random manner over a deserted cornfield.

As they fly around the field, circular formations start to appear in the cornfield.

The mystery dots suddenly disappear, leaving only the bizarre circles behind.

Many believe that crop circles are signs that extraterrestrials are trying to communicate with Earthlings.

However, several scientists don’t agree with this theory, and they discredit it by arguing that there is no evidence crop circles are alien made.

Believers claim that these scientists cannot prove the crop circle-alien theory scientifically as what National Institute of Aeronautics and Space research professor has said they come to agree that the thing can’t be scientifically proven.

The mystery, therefore, continues for many years and probably in years to come. Despite controversies, videos, like this one, may resurface again sometimes in the future.

Do aliens or extraterrestrial beings exist? According to alien researchers, more than 200 extraterrestrial species visit Earth on a regular basis.

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  1. that’s a great capture! it will never be believed by humans. i’ve read tomes about crop circles and how they are made, and this is it precisely. many farmer witnesses have come forward to say this is what they see. (tomes-large books)

  2. I have to give this pathetic site a rest . I have noticed a lot of regulars here are no longer regular
    Totally agreev with some other comments, this video was proven to be a hoax years ago.

  3. The objecrts have done a pretty ‘Job’ in the first ’round’ while they seem to be quite ineffective in the second…..? ha…ha…ha…

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