Watch UFO Hovering Over Devon


Devon residents were baffled after seeing a UFO hovering over the area. An amateur video recorded just recently shows a strange light flying in the distance. Tanya Davis, 43, and her daughter, 15, took the footage from their home in Devon. The video appears to show a white light hovering smoothly in the distance.

According to the mother and daughter, the bizarre aerial thing stayed there for about two to three minutes before it slowly disappeared.

Friends told the mother and daughter duo that the light could have originated from a drone. However, the pair was convinced that it wasn’t from a drone because it was too big and the object was silent the entire time.

Struck with fear, the pair called the nearby Exeter Airport to get an explanation for their sighting, but officials were also clueless about the light or UFO in the area.

The news comes few days after an alleged UFO was noticed orbiting the sun.

UFO enthusiasts got thrilled with the discovery of the apparent four-pronged machine orbiting the fiery star.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the large spacecraft is getting energy from the sun to refuel.

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) cameras reportedly captured the mysterious space object. SOHO is a satellite with cameras on board, jointly ran by the European Space Agency and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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  1. For once I’d like to see a daylight sighting, 30 ft off the ground or on the ground, with multiple witnesses,including police officers, nuns, scientists, physicists and Joe Blows and dozens of pics and vids!
    Now THAT would be something to behold.
    I am so bored with distant lights in the dark, and miles away which could be a duck that swallowed a fire fly for all we know!

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