Dozens of People Posted Videos and Pictures To Social Media Of A UFO Hovering Over a Geneva stadium


A disc-shaped object was spotted and videotaped hovering near a stadium in Geneva. It left hundreds of people wondering if aliens were watching them.

The UFO had three lights, and many people saw it hovering over a stadium last Wednesday.

Dozens of people posted pictures and video of their sighting to social media sites.

The flying object in question was reportedly making a shrill noise as it appearing over La Praille area of the city for about 20 seconds before it went out of sight.

Among baffled witnesses was Uruguayan football player Matias Vitkieviez. He posted a video on Facebook with the caption that asks everyone if they also saw the same thing as him. He expressed astonishment to see a UFO above the industrial area behind the stage of La Praille.

Meanwhile, skeptics suggested that the UFO was probably just a drone with LED lights.

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  1. who is the numpty sayiung this is a drone, NO WAY, that is too large to be a drone, far to big.
    if it is above the stadium it’s at least 50 metres in diameter.


  2. The story is closed, it was a FAKE promotional video. Look by yourself:


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