UFO Seen Above Phoenix May Be Alien


A lot more people are now looking up in the sky after a strange night like Tuesday evening. The online world exploded with claims, pictures, and videos of a UFO sighting in the dark sky above East Valley.

Some suggest it is a comet; others say it is a space junk, or perhaps an airplane.

Dr. Sky, a television personality, and radio talk show host that’s syndicated across the U.S. and Canada, said that they saw a lot of stacked aircraft from Sky Harbor with the air traffic patterns in the Valley.

His show talks about the universe and the outer space.

Though he could not rule out airplanes, he said it did not look quite right.

Another witness, Christinna Herrmann, 41, said she had seen a lot of things in the sky at her age, but the UFO on Tuesday night is nothing she has seen in her life.

So, was the aerial thing a UFO?

According to Dr. Sky, anything people see that is considered as a UFO is simply accurate because they can’t identify it.

So, was the spectacle in the sky on Tuesday night alien?

Dr. Sky said that most people know about alien visitation, pointing out the Roswell incident that took place in the 1940s. He added that people are going to continue to get the bottom of what everyone saw in the Arizona skies.

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  1. it’s hard to tell when a person is spouting actual facts (like stacked planes) or blatantly discounting what she saw. she lives there, she says she’s never seen it before. and incoming plane lights don’t flash on and off. did the man not really hear what the witnesses said? i can’t stand people telling other people what they did and did not see according to their own beliefs.

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