Blinking Lights in the Dark Sky Could Be A UFO Communication Attempt


Strange lights have been observed in the night sky, and onlookers claimed they were from alien spacecraft.

UFO followers have been speculating online following the release of the strange lights video, which was captured on October 15, showing a cluster of between 5 and 10 lights. These lights appear to move randomly in dark skies over Charlotte, North Carolina.

A voice can be heard saying “Wow! What is it…?” as the camera tried to focus on the moving illuminations.

The videographer stated that he thought they were just flares off a chopper, but their unusual movements changed his mind.

YouTube username C Hulbert shared the footage, and it since receives mix comments.

One describes the footage as amazing and that it is the best he has seen in a while.

Another says it could be sky lanterns that appear to be blinking because they are moving and spinning in a low visibility amidst air pollution. He adds that sky lanterns could keep ascending higher and higher.

One commenter suggests that the lights could be a communication attempt. He noted that there are 3 luminosities for each light and all lights have two patterns. However, the one behind the camera moved around too much, so he can’t tell where the repetition point, making it impossible to know the message, according to the commenter.

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  1. would lanterns rise this high and move this slowly above us? because i seriously don’t think they can. does anyone actually and truly know if this would happen? if these aren’t lanterns it’s incredible and astounding footage of SOMETHING.

  2. FSO. I believe it is type of line-code they are using. If anything, it could be the Manchester line-code. The values are represented by the strength of the light. In the video it seems it has 3 different strengths which would mean different voltages thus an extreme, minor, and middle for the constant of the value. Experts should consider this.

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