See Disc UFO Over Hawaiian Mountain


A hovering, disc-shaped UFO was reportedly photographed hovering near Kaneohe Bay in Waikane, Hawaii. The witness admitted that he did not notice any unusual while taking photos of the area. He only found out the strange object when he reviewed the images.

The witness noticed one photo that showed something not found in other pictures. He first thought of a wood chip on his lens but changed his mind after taking a closer look. The witness later realized he had spotted a UFO.

He is not an alien UFO believer, but the sighting creeped him out so much that he decided to report the case to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The witness described the object as a yellow/orange disc. When he zoomed in his camera, he saw an apparent dome on the top of the UFO.

The report is filed as case 79999 in MUFON’s witness reporting database. Hawaii State Director David McManus of MUFON, David McManus, is investigating the case.

The investigation involves looking into camera lens anomalies and possible photo editing techniques.  McManus would close the inquiry as unknown if the UFO in the picture can’t be explained, not something natural or human-made.

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  1. If he didn’t notice till later looking at the photos,how did he zoom in with his
    camera to see that it was an orange disc?

  2. I like the pic, doesn’t look tampered with, but I’ve seen birds in still shots flitting by and they often look just like this.

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