Watch Large Group Of UFOs Leaving From The Surface Of The Moon


A video showing multiple tiny bead-like structures leaving the Moon’s bottom surface has received thousands of views and mixed reactions. The so-called large group of UFOs leaving the Moon looks very luminous.

Despite being considered as deceptive, many viewers still believe the video shows aliens departing from the surface of the Moon.

One viewer posted that those were extraterrestrial beings wanting to establish New World Order, but they lost hope and decided to go home because Donald Trump won the election.

Talia Adagio1 added that they looked like they were landing instead of leaving as there was the same effect in reverse on the right side.

Even former hacker Gary McKinnon has joined the debate saying that the video doesn’t show alien activity, but just an optical illusion.

He said that as more people get better telescopes more footage of objects leaving the moon being observed. However, this particular video looked like far too many, Gary explained. He concluded that it must be visual artifacting.

Photographer John Biondo agreed to Gary saying that the video does not show UFOs, but a phenomenon often seen at the Moon’s edge. John explained that the event is called Chromatic Aberration, which can also be seen more if the lens is out of focus, such as the video in question.

Another viewer said that it was just an optical illusion as a result of the high air humidity and distorted light from the moon or reflected bright objects in the distance on the earth.

Others are convinced the video shows alien UFOs. They explained that seeing fleets of UFOs in orbit or move around the moon horizon can happen more often if the edge of the moon is observed well enough.

Some UFO hunters noted that many Apollo astronauts have claimed they saw UFOs on and near the moon. They suggested that these space objects are a form of protection from future moon landing missions. They explained that the Earth’s natural satellite might be owned by an alien species that’s not keen on sharing.

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  1. What you didn’t know about Moon UFO’s? Isn’t the Moon an Earth observation base? That’s why we don’t go back. The UFO’s chased us off, and watched our astronauts when they were there. It’s just 6 days there and back, how long have our people just sat in space in the space station studying how to copulate by themselves in zero G? How many NASA engineers would love to build things there? It would be nice if we had more governments that didn’t lie to everyone about UFO’s to keep the tech for themselves. I feel they’ve sold us out for the high end tech at the cost of us for research purposes.

  2. I do not know why and how one would call it Chromatic Aberration. why it should concentrate on a certain location and why not everywhere? Calling it UFOs would also be wrong. As per our level of knowledge, they cannot be launched in groups. Any way, but it is something strange and requires more study.

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