Ancient Coin Of France Apparently Depicts An Unidentified Flying Saucer


Absolute proof of UFO sightings from hundreds of years ago has been found in a 17th-century French token, UFO hunters claimed.

The coin-like object, known as the ancient jeton, was used for counting. It reportedly depicts a strange-looking circular entity that looks like a classic flying saucer.

Some even went to speculate that it represents the wheel in the Book of Ezekiel of the Bible, which they believe the Bible’s tale of a UFO encounter. Some skeptics say that the object just represents a drifting mushroom or flower. Others say that it shows a shield.

Meanwhile, many UFO hunters say that the token is an evidence of frequent UFO sightings in ancient France. So numerous that French decided to inscribe such sightings on coins. The object is a French jeton minted somewhere from 1680 to 1856.

It has almost the same size of a U.S. quarter-dollar. It was used for educational purposes to help people count money, and sometimes, used as a substitute for money in playing games. It also looks like other jetons with different educational and religious designs.

Researchers found a Latin inscription that says OPPORTUNUS ADEST, which means “It is here at an opportune time.” The other side of it shows rain drenching a plant-like thing.

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