UFO Expert Claims Government Withheld More Than Half of the Truth About Aliens and UFOs


A paranormal investigator made a claim that the British government has involvement in the cover-up of the truth about UFOs and aliens.

UFO expert Malcolm Robinson said intelligence that could clarify unsolved British mysteries involving UFOs and aliens had been withheld from public access.

Founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations, Mr. Robinson, has collected and examined UFO evidence for years. In 2015, he presented a collection of evidence containing detailed information about UFOs and aliens to Downing Street, requesting then Prime Minister David Cameron to open an inquiry. However, it failed to materialize.

He said governments in different parts of the world, including Britain, know far more than what they disclosed to the public for sure.

He claims that Nick Pope, the manager of the now defunct UFO desk, once told him that the government did not disclose even half of the truth.

According to documents obtained under Freedom of Information, the department and hotline for UFO sighting reports was shut down in 2009 for the reason that it no longer served a defense purpose and only taking away resources and staff to more significant defense-related activities. The documents further revealed the Ministry of Defence concluded that no UFO report in 50 years had evidence of a potential threat to the U.K.

Now, Mr. Robinson has called for the government to conduct an inquiry in several sightings, including police files from Bonnybridge Scotland. Robinson said that there were over 300 UFO sightings in the small town during the 1990s.

Mr. Robinson noted that about 95% of the sightings could be explained after checking with airports, the National Security Agency, the Ministry of Defence, and meteorological stations, but some 5% don’t have a rational explanation.

Earlier this year, many UFO conspiracy theorists claimed that some MoD UFO files which had been sent to the National Archives had been sent back for further censorship.

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  1. Our government hides free energy and technology so a few people can be all powerfull while 90% of our world suffers for there petty greed. We will make them pay for what they have done. I promise. Peace and Love

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