Another Former Air Force Officer Shares Their UFO Encounter In A British Forest


Nearly forty years ago, a U.S. Air Force officer had a close encounter in a British forest. Steve Longero revealed recently that he witnessed the infamous Rendlesham Forest incident in Suffolk, England in 1980, which eventually dubbed as Britain’s Roswell. Many military officers have come forward claiming they saw a UFO during a stretch of mysterious December nights.

Longero thinks it was something out of this world.

On the first night, extraterrestrials were reported on December 26, 1980, the former Air Force officer was on duty.

He recalled that they had a very sophisticated alarm system, but it just went off.

He claimed that it was kind of quite when a UFO hovered over the trees, and they just could not identify it. The unidentified flying object appeared to follow or watch them, according to Longero.
The alleged UFO reportedly had fluorescent lights flickering red and green.

One of Longero’s fellow officers, Col. Charles Halt, recently published the book “The Halt Perspective,”  detailing their close encounter in the British forest.

Longero said that Col. Halt came afterward, gathered everyone and gave instructions on what they were going to do.

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  1. I think that this really happened. Because of a sphere I witnessed in North Carolina acted the same way. I hate to say it; But Mankind has no ideal what is getting ready to happen to this planet or humans. If you really want to understand “PRAY” and ask the creator “WHY”, “WHY ME”, and Yeah “WHAT are we going to do about it!!!!! “YEAH WE” WE ARE THE SOLUTION WETHER YOU BELIEVE ARE NOT!!!!!

  2. We are the insects and they are the Zoo keepers lol.The top General of the base and others saw this object two nights in a row.The General wrote notes the whole time of exactly what was going on.I remember reading that one of those military men actually touched the object then began writing zeros and ones over and over again on a pad he had.I figure we are simply a train station these others use to warp into their next dimensional stop.I mean no disrespect to those who think all this is nonsense but remember impossible really means..haven`t done it yet!

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