Celebrity Marnie Simpson Expresses Her Willingness To Pay Aliens To Abduct Her


Marnie Simpson is best known for her Geordie Shore’s wild party antics but apparently also harbors a fondness for supernatural as she claims to have been spotted a UFO.

The 24-year-old television personality took to Twitter to announce her another UFO sighting on the way to the airport.

A mocked-up picture of flying saucers was also posted on Marnie’s Instagram with a caption saying

“I would pay you to abduct me.”

One fan commented that it could be an airplane while another joked it must be Marnie’s dodgy contact lenses. A third thought it could have been an oddly shaped plane as she was on her way to an airport.

Marnie is not the first celebrity to share their extraterrestrial related experiences. Zayn Malik and Danny Dyer revealed they believe in the creatures outside planet Earth.

The 1D star Zayn claimed he left the boy band after a visitation from a being from outer space in his dream.

EastEnders actor Danny was part of the 2010 documentary titled “I Believe In UFOs,” which featured his visits around the world, particularly on the locations where aliens sightings were often reported. He told during interviews that he had seen UFOs, which certainly not an airplane, balloon or a Chinese lantern.

Also, pop singer Demi Lovato recently shared her UFO encounter and her belief in life beyond Earth. She said the encounter took place while she was walking outside and seeing a worm-like shape in the sky. She noticed that it changed form and moved all over the place.

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  1. Happy Holidays! Dear Marnie Simpson, How are you? I am an Abductee, Contactee/Researcher. May give you helpful techniques? First, some advice:Since most of the one’s abducted don’t remember, you must pay attention to all marks on the skin. They retrieve samples of tissue and liquids. If we remember, the Horror and Fear is real. Second, MAKE ABDUCTEES YOUR FRIEND! This is CRUCIAL! Third, Meditate on the color GREEN! Forth, They are telepathic, so meditate and send Prayers their way. Fifth, Orion, The Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli are just a few places where they come. (I have not had any abductions in the past 20 years;before that, look out!)

    • @Myron Goldsby: You give an expression as if you are a ‘good friend’ of the Grays. And forget any of your complains. What is fact: Your lines here are very typically for a SLAVE of the Grays who you are. Dont tell any bull here I tell you cuz you do not really grasp the situation. And shut up I tell you. In the last years I have found several people talking like you. And you know what? More than 80 percent of them admitted to me personally that they are in force and control of Grays!!! And what’s about you? You really know the meaning of FREEDOM???
      And spare the dear people to tell your ‘wise’ advice – which is a big lie and bullshit at all.
      Better you send your ‘vainly’ prayers do anybody else, I tell you

  2. I see there are some humans who really long for to be abducted by Grays…..
    How can a intelligent human be so stupid to long for something which he has absolutely no idea about? And to top their stupidity, the longing people even want to PAY for such an experience – as it would be something like bungee-jumping. By the way: ET or any species give a SHIT on any of your funny sheets of papers which you call money. You all have no tiny imagination what such strange encounter really means. Naive people you are. In my life there was such a situation when there appeared five Grays in my rooms. But I didn’t lost control. So I hit them our of my rooms. Since then they are in big respect to me. But YOU as naive and even silly people with absolutely NO any knowledge, you would be the right victims for those beings who are ways more intelligent than you are. You the winner? See it contrary, then you are on the real way.

  3. What a cheap people I met here – once they talked in big ‘knowledge’ = self experienced situations – NOW I do see them as lame and lying cheap souls. What a shame on me – who really believed into their true love and knowledge.
    What it is – a shame of expressions of so called ‘humans souls’ – once gifted with true love, honesty in the time when they were born.
    Now looking back and to see – what has the times probably outlasted … – I do see nothing, neither your complains nor your agreements.
    YOU – as to speak to – unfortunetaly have no any tiny idea of what is called Unison, what is Love in general, what it means in the term ‘responsibility’ – oh you loosers, who claim to be ‘strong’ – even when you do not have any basic knowledge regarding the word ‘oneness’ – you never felt that oneness therefore you feel alone.
    Just look upside to the stars – and you will feel a miracle of a feeling – longing for home.
    Where all existence once began.
    Come down and at least – i please you for just showing your real LOVE.
    That so sweet feeling which makes us able to feel each other.
    And NEVER forget this, dear sweet and mislead people.
    LOVE is always with you, you only must open yourself, so hard is it?
    I know you much better and deeper than you could realise yourself.
    So let the ‘cosmic bless’ allow to reach you – just into your so precious hearts – and is it so ‘hard’ for you to just accept the so simple but strong powers of universe to just reach your HEART????
    The Heaven itself told me to send all these lovely wishes to anybody on planet Earth.
    So I do, in deep honour to the magic beings from ‘Above’ which I do KNOW very real and personal.
    So I wish you all the best in the new year – in the knowledge of the most important connection – and this is LOVE.
    Look at the starry sky, the planets, the deeper universe – and tell me which power is able to hold all this together……..if it’s not LOVE?
    War? Weapons against someone? Mistrust to whom?
    You KNOW the answer – at least in your hearts……
    You even can FEEL it there at the right place.
    It is your HEART – completely alone in the vast of influences.
    YOU are stronger, more into love and truth, I DO know this for sure.
    SO – NEVER forget yourself – who you really ARE since your birth, when you was brought into this world, naked, so innocent and so full of LOVE.
    You HEAR me? Fine then, so we’ll have a true base to communicate.
    Just be more real and a little bit more in true love.
    My wishes for all of you in 2017 – we are connected………

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