Giant “Alien” Claw Unearthed In Peruvian Desert


Alien enthusiasts claim they discovered three large fingered hand that might belong to a giant humanoid or an alien buried deep in a desert in Peru.

Though any serious scientific bodies are yet to examine the discovery, the claw is quite the find.  The team that unearthed the so-called giant alien claw called themselves as paranormal enthusiasts. Members of the team say they excavated the appendage in Cusco, Peru.

The team further claim that they also discovered an elongated human skull near the giant claw site, which they say in a desert in the South American country. The exact location is not yet revealed, but the team gave a hint that the finding was done in a system of underground caves.

The discovery was sent to alien investigator Brien Forester, a Peru-based paranormal researcher. Brien then allegedly let a team of unnamed experts examined the fingers, and they concluded that it had too many bones to be from a human.

The team also claimed the hand was verified to be a genuine biological object through an x-ray. The claw is scheduled for further testing in America.

The team revealed that radiocarbon and DNA testing would bring out the true origin of the strange hand.

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  1. Very suspicious that this item was found or allegedly found by a UFO nut. If it was found and authenticated by anyone but this group then it would be more believable. Interesting that this is the same shape of hand found on most Sci-Fi
    movies over the past 50 years. This is not believable. Where is the rest of the skeleton if the head and hand were found so close together?

    • Nut? Have you researched the topic? Until you have I suggest you avoid offending others who may know more about the topic than you do.

  2. Maybe this is not a hand at all, maybe it’s a foot from a prehistoric animal, or bird. I think there can be several possibilities of what this may be, it may be a jump to assume it’s alien.

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