UFO Sighting Video – Donut-Like Spinning UFO Hovers Above New Zealand


A teenager may have captured an unknown airborne object on camera after recording a video of a strange spinning disc in the night sky.

An amazing video of the UFO sighting seems to show the object in question floating in a night sky while spinning in the same spot.

The 16-year-old Josh Marshall recorded the video using his phone on Wednesday night.

He claimed that the strange incident just took place while he was at a house of his friend in New Zealand. The amateur videographer can be heard in the background telling someone on the video that the UFO seems to have a hole in the middle.

Josh believes that it is not a plane, not a satellite, and not a star, but he can’t tell exactly what the thing is. He reportedly observed the UFO had hovered for at least 40 minutes in the sky before it vanished behind clouds.

Adding to the mystery, Josh said that stars looked to move around the UFO. He recorded the mysterious aerial thing on video in northwest part of his friend’s house in Blenheim, New Zealand’s South Island. He estimated it to be above the suburb of Springlands.

John Homes, a member of Wellington Astrological Society, said he would have identified it as Venus if not for the dark hole in the middle.

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