Bright Orb UFO Breaks Apart and Assembles Into One Again


A man in Lake County, Illinois spotted a strange UFO that looked like a bright light hovering in the night sky. Adding to the mystery, the UFO reportedly broke apart into five different orbs before forming into a large craft again. Some alien hunters believe the unidentified flying object is not an ordinary star or light.

The witness reported the sighting to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). According to the report, the witness saw a bright glowing light, which he initially thought to be a bright planet. However, the UFO started moving to the right side of the witness, who believed this time that it was too huge to be a satellite. The witness included a video in his report of the apparent UFO from a distance.

The witness zoomed in his camera and observed the object from it. Moments later, the object mysteriously broke apart into five orbs and reassembled again into one large sphere. The witness then noticed an orb detached itself, went left of the giant ball and disappeared. The witness claimed that the object was in his sight for approximately 2 hours before it slowly disappeared behind the tree line.

MUFON investigator James Wolford said that the UFO sighting was an incredible event. He stated that the behavior and complex structure of the UFO could rule out natural phenomena. He further speculated that the technology being used in the orb might be more advanced than any human-made constructions.

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