Alien Abductee tells What Happens During ‘Missing Time’


Chris Augustin from Aliens the truth explains his own UFO abductions and the mysterious implant in his leg. Chris shares his theory about aliens and abductions and tells of his experience at Area 51.

His fields of study include Area 51, crop circles, hauntings, alien abductions, and his experience, witnessing a large triangular black UFO, having a missing time episode, and sharing abduction experiences with his wife. He discovered an unknown foreign body in his leg as a direct result of these encounters, which has been documented by ultrasounds.

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  1. As regards Area 51. Can anyone tell me where, anywhere, an unauthorized person can just walk into any, military base and take photographs?
    What the hell would happen to our defense system if anyone could.Don’t whine about being confronted by choppers or armed guards!

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