UFO sighting caught on tape over Whitby, Canada 4-Feb-2017


This UFO video of a bright objects hovering in the sky above Whitby, ON, Canada was filmed on Saturday, 4th February 2017.

Witness report: Observed 5-6 pulsing lights moving slowly back and forth low in sky 30+km away from position. At approximately 9 -10 p.m on February 4th 2017 on Ashburn Rd. In Whitby,Ontario we first observed 4 lights, 3 of which in rough triangle formation viewed head on to west of position while driving. Stopped to observe objects and took approx. 1.30 min video. Observed objects hovering and moving lazily in no specific flight path. Objects(5-6) appeared to pulse and glow with orange/yellow light ONLY when hovering.Would dim considerably when moving. Two objects appeared to “exchange” light or energy with one dimming and the other brightening in close proximity. Objects also appeared to “fly” in very close proximity on purpose with no apparent regard to their proximity. Objects would move from hovering position approx. North of first position and back and forth in an indeterminate manner almost “lazily”. Observed this for approximately 1.5 hours. Dimmer lights appeared to travel north and back to original position. At first we thought the objects could be helicopters or planes but we observed them glowing and dimming and doing odd, lazy movements in sky approx. 50° to 60° over horizon. No spotlights seen. Objects appeared to have red and green lights when dim. Felt that objects were NOT normal aircraft due to odd behaviour. Was exhilarated at prospect of encountering unknown objects in sky never having seen anything like it before. Did not feel any particular negative feelings, just that we were seeing something unusual. Attempted to move to higher ground to observe objects more clearly. Watched them in two positions over approx. 1 hour. As far as we know we were the only people to observe this event. Never truly lost sight of objects and left after 1.5 hours as it was late and we were tired.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. I cant believe Latest UFO Sightings was DUMB enough to post this… whats this web sight coming to…Whata world, Whata world….

  2. I saw something very similar last night in pennsylvania. Under a closer look with binoculars it had a saucer shape and it was illuminating the tree tops with orange light

  3. If we took a vote how many can we guess would vote ‘Yes,’ those are nuclear warheads in a controlled burn-off?

    Have we not seen enough warheads held in place and burned off by our Martian good neighbor and friend Sir Casper to know what we are looking at yet?

  4. I witnessed this event. I wasn’t aware of the first two lights but was driving north on the 404 and I believe I saw the right light.

    It was green and only the colour green. What happened was, at first I thought it was just a plane landing. But then I realized that it was bright green and looked like it was having some issues. I want to say it was on fire but only green… Not red.

    It then spun for a bit then took off into the sky. Ive been thinking about it ever since it happened but didn’t think to search the net until now.

    Can I please get a copy of your video?

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