Eyewitness Baffle To See An Apparent Decloaked V-Shaped UFO


TV News recently presents the UFO case seriously, and the MUFON investigator appears to handle it very well. It has been reported that UFO can materialize out of thin air, not by magic but by decloaking technology.

Debunking a UFO sighting is not that easy as most think. It needs evidence and not just mere words to do such thing. Without proof, debunking is just a bluff to make false news and profits to those networks who want to earn money out of it.

The annual UFO sighting report in Mutual UFO Network in Houston average around 80 speculated sightings. The data did not include the ones that are not reported. Fletcher Gray, one of the renowned UFO experts, offers a reason why most UFO sightings are not involving UFOs. However, there’s one case that baffles him big time.

An orange light was spotted over the Katy territory, coasting around. Tourists in the ground speculated it was a UFO. Gray said that it was glinting as it traveled during that time in the sky.

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  1. i think anything like that now is OUR technology I mean if we had saucers back in the 40s I think advanced aliens witch have most likely travailed though a black hole or developed hyper speed would be flying something much more advanced and wouldn’t let them self’s be seen(nor shot down) its something at the moment we cant even comprehend I am researching this a lot and if anyone has any questions about our secret technology e mail me at tomclarkktmATgmail.com I think what ever it is is much bigger than what we think (figuratively)

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