Former Police Officer Says Triangle UFO Cannot Be Explained

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A strange triangle craft left a police officer turned UFO investigator baffled. Fletcher Gray, who is now busy spearheading the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) – Houston branch, could not discount the idea that the UFO was alien in origin.

There has been an increase in sightings of triangle UFOs across the states.

MUFON-Houston receives around 80 alleged UFO sightings in a year, but according to Mr. Gray, most can be explained.

However, in 2015, he investigated a triangle UFO sighting in Dayton Hill that he could not talk away. He additionally felt it could have been extraterrestrial.

He explained that the Universe is so vast, making the idea of life to exist somewhere other than Earth possible.

Mr. Gray said that the witness had told him the triangular UFO in question was spotted over the Highway 1960 near Dayton, Houston.

The witness reportedly said the UFO, which defied gravity, hovered before it disappeared.

Mr. Gray stated that based on his 27 years of experience, he knew right then that the witness was not lying.

Mr. Gray explained that the UFO could have been seeking out and learning planet Earth.

The U.S.-based MUFON receives hundreds of similar reports each year around the globe, with numbers appearing on the rise.

The most famous UFO sighting of the same triangular shape happened on March 13, 1997, over Arizona.

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  1. Did the triangle have what look like craters on the Underside of it, The one that was sat on top of my House had Craters on the Underneath back in 1992,We felt no panic and just walked calmly into the house that night. It was raining well it was more like drizzle, Next day my freind Margaret called into see me and she olso saw it in a different part from where we live.

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