Watch Viral Video Of Diamond UFO Hovering Over Sea


An amazing video of an apparent diamond-shaped UFO has gone viral. It shows the UFO hovering above the sea before vanishing through an alleged portal.

Section 51 2, which uploaded the footage to YouTube, claims that Danish fisherman shot the video in November 2016. It shows a capture from a distance of a massive hovering rhombus-shaped UFO with an alleged separate bright orb moving around it.

The UFO was reportedly seen rising into clouds as if vanishing through a portal to another dimension. However, the video and the uploader did not give additional details about the UFO sighting. Even the article about the incident does not include further information about the strange event. It is likely the video is a CGI hoax.

Since the video and the article about it do not discuss more details, many concluded that it is a clever hoax created using CGI technology.

However, other viewers suggested that it could be a genuine mothership appearing like the legendary mythical UFO known as the Black Knight Satellite.

Margaret Bu commented that discounting the video for the reason that no one was screaming could limit one’s possibilities of finding the facts of the matter.

Robert Kimball believes the UFO is a sampling collector that will be beamed into a mothership cloaked in the dark cloud. Kimball also thinks that the small orb is actually a sensor ship monitoring the ET beaming activity.

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  1. Hard to say on this one. It looks like it’s been photo shopped, so maybe it’s real. when we see orbs in the sky (apart from the flares) there is often the same format…three in a triangle and one further away. These four seem to interchange places which is what would happen if the angle of the shape changed. I can imaging four orb points on this video, if it were dark. I have the ability to think in 3D and this particular shape seems to follow this most common pattern.

  2. Section 51 is a guy from FRANCE using CGI he is a HOAXSTER!!!FAKE 100% do your research people!.I,ve been researching for over 35 years and am a abduction survivor from the 70s.

  3. There is a stationary reflection on the surface of the water which disappears when this cloud thing raises up into the sky. With Computer Generated Images CGI it is hard too tell if this video is Real?

  4. Might that diamond have been shaped from the exhaust of a burning nuclear warhead?

    Are we not yet getting some idea of the many times our extraterrestrial guardians that Father sent in have spared us from suffering nuclear warhead blasts over our cities?

    And why a diamond shape?

    Might that be to help us find the house of Morgan that is behind all of the nuclear war on planet earth?

    If we think a little about it, is the house of Morgan not behind all of the war on earth? Certainly, it is.

    The nuclear brimstone attack that Americans are suffering from Hitachi-GE. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and shut it down?

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