British Cleaner Videotapes UFOs In Low Altitude Over Gosport


A witness reported to MUFON about his sighting in Gosport, Great Britain involving three lights that at times formed a triangle flying low in the sky. These lights also made random movements before all vanishing without a trace, according to the witness testimony filed as case 81450 in Mutual UFO Network witness reporting database.

On January 9, 2017, the witness stepped outside to dispose rubbish bags in his work as a cleaner at 10:50 pm.

He then noticed three green lights in the northwest of his position, at around 30-degree angle. The witness admitted that he could not estimate the distance and height from his position. Curious about the possible environment where the mysterious lights were spotted, he looked it up on Google maps and found out that they were mostly fields in that direction. He also provided the postcode where he observed the lights, which was PO13 0HR.

The witness described the lights as evenly spaced at times in a large triangle formation when he first noticed them. They all then turned purple and began moving. The video he submitted shows how the three lights move.

The witness revealed that he had his phone camera in a full zoom. The quality of the video is not that good, but the lights can be seen in bright purple color moving in a random manner, side-to-side, up and down very fast and turning very sharply. They swap sides and pass each other, sometimes form a triangle formation again for a few seconds before they move again.

The witness lost sight of the lights as they moved down below the houses several times until they did not reappear above the houses. The witness decided to position himself to the second level to see those lights from a higher angle. He saw one light again above the house but disappeared quickly downwards. They all never went up again after that, the witness stated.

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  1. How many might we only wonder would surmise those are nuclear warheads in a controlled burn off by Sir Casper and His diligent Martian team that has spared us from nuclear blast shock and awe?

    Good video. Thanks .

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