V-shaped object photographed over Caracas, Venezuela 19-Apr-2017

UFO hunter from Venezuela Héctor Escalante posted this photo online. “April 19th, government and opposition forces are marching in the streets of Caracas,” he wrote. “A very tense moment. Meanwhile, something strange flies across the skies of the Venezuelan capital.”

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  1. This looks like the same thing my friend and I saw 3 years ago, in daylight.
    No sound,no lights just over head. It swiftly travelled behind some buildings and we ever saw it again.
    This was in a very busy city, yet there were no other reports but ours.

  2. I saw something similar for about 4 seconds on the same date around 11:30pm traveling north above Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach from my 16th floor balcony. It was a totally silent silver V shaped object illuminated by the moon & moving very fast through a gap in the clouds.

  3. Looks like a typical millitary back engenired UFO . Dr Steven Greer Spoke About to Triangle shaped UFOs saying they were mostly man-made while some might be of ET Origin.

  4. I had two friends who saw a triangle shaped UFO with different colors such as red, pink, yellow, and white. They are in between Mc Comb and Brookhaven MS.
    Has anyone seen anything in a 100 mile radius of the southwestern region of Mississippi seen anything like what I described.

  5. this is not a “v” shaped ufo, but it appears to be two “saucers”, with plasmas connecting them, or am I suffering from pareidolia……….

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