Watch the First Crop Circle Formation In 2017


On April 16, 2017, the first crop circle of the year has been discovered at Cherhill White Horse and Landsdowne Monument on an oilseed field in Wiltshire. The ring measures about 250 feet long.

Conspiracy theorists have referenced the crop circle formation to an upcoming cosmic event when earth, moon, sun and Venus are aligned, which happens simultaneously with a solar eclipse on August 21 of this year.

Interestingly, researchers point out that the latest crop circle has the same symbol with the 5,000-year-old Cochno stone in West Dunbartonshire of Scotland. According to investigators, the Cochno stone represents an ancient cosmic map.

Cochno stone

The latest crop circle is not the first of its kind to match a symbol found on the Cochno Stone. Similar symbols were also found in other crop circles in the past.

Some think that the answer to crop circle symbols with an astronomical interpretation can be consulted on the Cochno Stone.

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    • they are caused by high speed wind from ufos that are small balls of’s in books and has been captured on film too.

  1. Well, we saw the big ones back then, and were some of them great, but never a reasonable explanation, they were very complicated,,, but others are obviously made by drunks

  2. Who knows for sure what they mean,if anything.
    Surely if Something is trying to communicate with us they wouldn’t be so ambiguous and obtuse.

  3. Whatever the reason for these things, whover is doing it doesn’t care about destroying crops and pissing off farmers.Rather arrogant, wouldn’t you say?

  4. For some accurate information, have a look at my documentary, “What on Earth?”, that got a good review in The New York Times. It’s streaming free now if you have Amazon Prime. Or go to where you can see it on Vimeo for $2.

  5. If you look close;most of these circles are on Brassica napus(Canola)fields.The oil of these ones are high in proteins and other uses.
    Amazing this detail.

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