Famous Hollywood Actor Kurt Russell Admits Witnessing Phoenix Lights UFOs


Actor Kurt Russell and Chris Prat recently visited the BBC’s The One Show to promote the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie. When the host cites a news story involving a pilot’s report of spotting UFOs while on approach at an Arizona airport, Russell comes in and admits that he was indeed that pilot.  Interestingly, the event happened on the same night when mass UFO sightings took place, which is now known as The Phoenix Lights.

Russel recalled seeing six lights over the airport while on the approach. He said that the lights were on an absolute uniform in a V-shaped. Russell stated that the lights were unidentified and they are six objects, which he reported on his log.

Since then he never thought about the experience anymore. Two years later, he saw in a television show about UFOs. It was not clear to him at first why he seemed to know the story of Phoenix Lights. The show also mentioned an aviation pilot who reported seeing strange lights on landing. Later, he realised that the pilot was him. He then went to his log books and saw the flight at that time and confirmed it. However, he did not mention anything about UFOs. He just said that they are lights or objects and are unidentified.

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