Looking Back at the Varginha UFO Incident In Brazil


The Varginha town of Minas Gerais in Brazil is not particularly known for tourist attractions. It could be normal to expect the small town could very well cross history without ever being noticed by the rest of people in Brazil and the world. However, that situation suddenly changed on January 20, 1996, when the town became the center of attention as it staged one of the most famous Brazilian UFO incidents.

Three teenagers claimed they observed a strange, short creature with V-shaped feet, red eyes, and horns. They were certain that it was not a man or an animal as it was something different. All of the sudden the three young women put Varginha on the center stage.

Reports of strange creatures, UFOs, strange coincidences, military operations and even mysterious deaths followed the incident. In fact, many questions are still unanswered.

The UFO incident in Varginha started with two sisters and a friend seeing a strange being. The encounter had been followed by a series of events and hysteria as Brazilian media picked up mysterious happenings in the area. Even the Brazilian Army jumped into the case doing a costly operation to investigate it.

The Army operation did not help as more reports on UFOs were spreading. A couple of farmers claimed they spotted something like a gray spaceship flying above their cattle. One farmer said that the cows were running from the silent and no light UFO, which was surrounded by fog.

Furthermore, there were reports about the presence of a strange creature next to the city’s zoo. Mysteriously, the animals in that zoo started to die without explainable reason.

Brazilian ufologist Marco Petit said that the government cover-up operation has made all these incidents to remain unproven. Petit said that the case is more important and bigger than most people think.

There were reports that then the leading forensic expert in Brazil Doctor Badan Palhares examined the bodies of extraterrestrials that were recovered from the spaceship found by the military. However, Palhares has always denied the rumor, calling it utter nonsense.

While all the claims remain unproven, the event made the small town the focus of public attention.  Varginha is now described as the hot spot in the intergalactic search for the intelligent alien.

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  1. When i first saw this story the ufo had crashed violently and there was an amonia leak of sorts. probably a cooling system but yes, military cleaned up all traces. These type of aliens have been in Australia with some 600 children there. Some medical analysis was done on the children who also said they played with them aliens. The misfortunate circumstances of these crash victims was further antagonizing the fear by military confining them. They may be protected but i decline on that and are probably dead. This cover-up by military shows the lack of knowledge of the controlling state.

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