Strange Lights Spotted Hovering Over Toronto


Conspiracy theorists claim that a massive alien spaceship was recorded on a remarkable video flying over a major city. Filmed in Toronto in Canada, the clip shows four large bright lights in the night sky.

The object to the left, which is the furthest among the four, slowly moves over the skyscrapers and houses. It is thought to be a helicopter, but the three other lights stay in the same position for several minutes.

According to the source of the video said that the strange giant bright lights made no sound and just remained in one place for around five minutes before they disappeared.

The lights did not move or do anything other than hovering over the city. Some think that the three lights were separate entities and others believe it was one large craft.

Sceptics suggest that the three lights can be drones or quadcopter. Others, meanwhile, are convinced extraterrestrials have something to do with it.

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  1. terrible video. why, when you have focused on something, would you then move your camera all around and ruined the capture?

  2. When the person,who is taking a video.Why can’t they stay still? They had a Good angle. I stopped watching in the first 15 seconds.

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