UFO Hunter Claims This Incident Is Stranger Than Roswell


A UFO hunter has shared an incident in which he referred as even stranger than Roswell in a new online video. In 1947, an unidentified flying object crash landed in the desert close to the town of Roswell, New Mexico in the U.S. The military, however, insisted that the mysterious object was not that strange at all as it was just a downed weather balloon. Despite the statement, many did not believe the official version of the incident. Many have claimed that the object was an extra-terrestrial craft.

After over 50 years, the event is still a mystery to many as they believe the government has been covering the first alien visitation.

Now, UFO researcher Tyler Glockner claims to have discovered the similarly disturbing event that took place just a month before the Roswell Incident.

Glockner made a video claiming that the crash has the same mystery and strangeness as Roswell. The video recalls the story of Maury Island Incident wherein Fred Crisman, and Harold Dahl claimed to have seen falling black debris from the skies over Maury Island in Puget Sound in Washington.

It was reported that the event involved one or more UFOs that had either crashed and disintegrated or dropped something. Crisman’s boat allegedly got damaged by the fragments, even killing a dog and according to some versions, they also hurt someone.

Accounts of the alleged extraterrestrial incident remain controversial until today. Some say that Crisman and Dahl are telling the truth, but others believe the story is a hoax.

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