Here Is The UFO Sighting Video Near Brainerd, Minnesota


For those who have not yet visited Highways 210 and 371, do it if you have a chance. They come together in Brainerd, a town in a north-central Minnesota with roughly 13,000 residents.

Brainerd is known as the setting for some major events in the movie Fargo. And now the town is put into the spotlight once again after a video, which is said to have been recorded at the Highway 210/371 junction, was posted online showing several bright objects.

YouTube username SuspectSky uploaded the five-minute clip that initially shows a single bright object before several others appear. Cars zooming can be heard in the background continuously, but not enough to drown out the music that SuspeckSky has piped in to give the video an added effect.

From one light, it became two, then three, and then four. In the middle of the event, the car system announces “GPS signal lost.”

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  1. We’d mrn.aprox 4:45am nov 2017 i had just pulled the trash can up for pick up later that day I just glanced up at the sky thinking w/o what a beautiful night no clouds 3/4moon which was a off to my right behind the trees i can’t express the clearness and visibility of the night ok now here’s the story and I seriously don’t care if you believe or not, not here goesl looked up seen these giant lights turned started to walk back then it was one of them wait a minute what the go did i just see. There were 5lights 1 at the very top down on each side were 2 more then 2 more at the corners of the bottom 1 each side no it wasn’t a squad of helicopters my first thought but the way they were flying made no sence 1st off they were not moving just sitting there no flicker no radiance of normal lights it was just sitting there you’ve heard it was big as ft ball field well because of the light of the sky the absolute visibility of the entire thing the amount of sky it blocked i went from ft ball field to navel destroyers to aircraftcarriers that was measuring between the 2lights near the top and the bottom of the craft.i looked and studied every part of this machine i could see and like I said I seen it so clearly i seen it was absolutely a triangle i could see the smoothness of its entire machine i could see there were no parts put together to make it this big it was 1 solid smooth kind of a browmgold color i could see no heat waves of any sort to keep this giant thing perfectly still i could see the edges of the entire thing.and it just sat there . The thing that really got me the most is the amount of time I was able to look and try to understand why where they. Them it came from how long have they really been here where do they go during the day, i came up with 2 possible places 1 into the oceans,the other was the dark side of the moon yea I no but where really where could something the size of what i was looking at possible hide?? I have no pictures because at that time i didn’t own one of these phones,and I seriously had no need for one then this and that changed so feb 018 i got one of these things but don’t think for one moment I’m making up some dumb shy cause like I said in the beginning i really don’t care if u believe or not i stood out there that morning for over 20 minutes and this thing didn’t move just sat there like I said I could see it so perfectly and funny thing was it didn’t scare me i think mainly cause I’m one of them that look in s night sky and just think no we can’t be the only ones I really wanted to see it move because I really wanted to see how thick this thing was but because of its position i seen a perfect triangle top with 3 lights a2 at each corner, i no ya always hear of these small it is flying all over the world witnessed by millions. So here’s my dumb ass wondering hum is it possible this is well for no better explanation the aircraftcarrier. Well I’m sorry but like I said it was nov and it was pretty dam cold yet a was able to watch and study every visible part for about 15-20 min what I’ve just shared with you i swear I gods honest truth so believe it or not it just doesn’t matter. The thing that is absolute for me is no we are not alone.oj yea I forgot to mention one of the reasons I wasn’t afraid not at all that reason was because there was no question if they them it where here to hurt us I really no joke really don’t think there’d be a damm thing we could do about it. I didn’t say that to try and scare anyone lets face it theyve been here so long and have not been hostile in anyway why should I or for that matter anyone think biggest question which I still have is why are we still not being told the whole truth. No I’m not one of them. But I no what i seen and I was given the opportunity to see it for that amount of time I no i don’t wonder anymore I’m sure they were here. Why

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