UFO Sighting Recorded In New York


UFO sighting videos usually involve shaky, grainy captures from sensationalist claims and low-resolution cameras. It is the reason many reported alien encounters with such videos as evidence have been debunked or criticised by sceptics.

Interestingly, those negative factors are not present in the seemingly legitimate UFO sighting that was reported on Sunday in New York. The video was shot using a high-resolution device, and the witness has not made any claims about the possible identity of the mysterious craft.

The footage, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows strange lights over the trees in a New York suburb. It was captured at around 4:30 am from a driveway, according to the video description. The uploader of the video has not made any claims that the strange object was of extraterrestrial origin.

The uploader only says that the object appears distinctly like a UFO. After the video was made available online via the video sharing site, it has also been shared on Reddit. It has captured the interest among alien enthusiasts online.

The details of the object in the video could be easily seen. The object looks huge and larger than any consumer drone in the market.

Some online commenters suggest that the possible explanation could be the scheduled NASA lunch in the area. However, NASA’s official web page says that the mission involving a rocket carrying tracer chemicals to be sprayed in the upper atmosphere would be launched on Sunday night while the video was reportedly shot on Sunday morning.

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  1. Too little time to study, my guess would be a dirigible or Blimp. So it will be classed as a UFO because it’s not identified. Maybe someone else saw it and videoed it or has an identification. Maybe it was John B. Wells’ “Mother-Ship”…lol

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